Use Our FREE Tool to Scan for HIPAA and Meaningful Use Security Compliance Risks

Did you know that nearly half of all data breaches now occur in healthcare? That attacks by hackers on providers are up more than 100% since 2010? That a typical breach of patient data costs $6.5 million in liability and enforcement fines

Now, you can take a snapshot of your network security and compliance risks through a FREE scanning tool offered by Worry Free Solutions, in partnership with 4Medcompliance and eGestalt Technologies. This free tool will scan your network to identify security risks and vulnerabilities hackers could exploit to steal data. It also includes a powerful risk analysis tool, all at no cost to you.

If the results surprise or disturb you, Worry Free Solutions can help. Talk to your representative about affordable options for compliance scanning, risk analysis, and remediation. Don’t hope for the best while hackers prowl for patient data, putting you at major risk for lawsuits, fines, and other penalties. Take advantage of this free tool today!

Have questions? Contact your Worry Free Solutions representative. You can also email or call 714-262-3899.

The free HIPAA compliance scanning tool is easy to install and run, for a document to walk through the setup click here.

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