HIPAA Compliance

Complete Solution to Avoid Fines

HIPAA Compliance is a growing concern for businesses in the healthcare field and those with whom they conduct business (Business Associates). Idaho State University was fined $ 400,000 for unauthorized access to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) because its network firewalls had been disabled and unauthorized access to patient data was not detected for 10 months.

In 2012, an Arizona medical practice paid a $ 100,000 penalty for sending mail from an Internet-based e-mail account. They also used a publicly-accessible online calendar for patient scheduling.

Worry Free Solutions will help you become compliant with the law and maintain your HIPAA compliance efforts going forward. We perform security risk assessments, assist with the necessary policies and procedures, provide staff compliance training, and ongoing support to ensure your compliance. Our solution will deliver peace of mind by helping you achieve HIPAA compliance with a well-documented medical practice. It is quick, easy, and affordable.

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